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Seabait Live Ragworms

p1 Assured quality, reliability and optimum size - all year round.

Seabait ragworms are reared under controlled conditions, giving an assurance of quality that is not possible from wild grown worms.

They are fed daily with a specially produced, biosecure feed. They grow in water which is monitored for temperature, oxygen content and other essential parameters.

In the wild, ragworms breed once during the spring and then die. We have developed and patented techniques to extend the breeding season of the ragworm, establishing a stock of worms which breed throughout the year. After assessment for maturity, the eggs are fertilised in our laboratory and grown to the post-larval stage in the hatchery, before being stocked out in juvenile beds on the farm.

Because production and harvesting are not affected by tide, weather or season, our  ragworms are consistently available at optimum size and quality, all year round.

The new Greedy Bait® range builds on the long and successful history of Seabait angling products.

The Greedy Bait™ range currently consists of:


Greedy Bait™ Fat Worms are selected from the finest and fattest looking ragworms and are freeze dried straight from harvest.

p1- pure, big and fat, freeze-dried ragworms, ideal for long-term storage, a perfect bait you can take anywhere, that's ready whenever you need it.

Fat Worms are preserved ragworms which have undergone a specialised freeze drying (lyophilisation) process. As a consequence of this process, Fat Worms have a very long shelf life, require no other preservative and no special storage. This product is ideal for fishermen to keep in their bags and for when they cannot get access to live bait or live in warmer climates where live bait quickly deteriorates. Also, for the shop, it is an excellent stock product as an alternative to live baits. Independent reports have indicated that in many cases Fat Worms are catching as well as, and often better than live bait.


Bob Gascoinge, England International.
Comments on Fat Worms whilst fishing in Greece:

"Fat Worms were something else.
It's a fish a chuck!"

Our production and farming techniques are based on sustainable and patented techniques.


- smaller freeze dried ragworms of the same high quality in handy 4g bags.




Based on sustainable and patented techniques

Using Seabait's extensive expertise in the research and development of angling products, we have developed an innovative Trout Bait Paste that has taken on and beaten the market leaders.

Net weight 60g. Sold in high quality tubs with inner caps to ensure freshness is maintained - these products are receiving excellent feedback from anglers in the UK and Europe. 

Fish can't resist the colours and scents of Greedy Bait™ Trout Bait Pastes