Sea Angling

p1Good bait is the single most important item in the angler's arsenal and as rearing and harvesting in our specially designed breeding beds are unaffected by tide, weather or season, Seabait ragworm are:-

• Always available
• Uniform size
• Consistent high quality
• Great value

Moreover, Seabait worms are a very versatile bait, attracting a very broad range of fish species. They are ideal in murky, silt-laden water where a strong scent is essential for good catches. They are also excellent in clear water conditions where their bright colour and good movement make them highly visible.

Seabait Ragworm are harvested to order and graded by hand to bring you the freshest, highest quality and most reliable ragworm bait on the market today.


SEABAIT® Ragworm are graded for quality and for size and are available in the following mail order packs.

SEABAIT® 'Regulars'75g* box of c.125-250 mm worms


SEABAIT® 'Juniors'75g* box of c. 75 -150 mm worms


SEABAIT® 'Super-Minis'20g* box of c. 40 -100 mm worms


SEABAIT® 'Matchbox'75g* box of c. 40 -100 mm worms


SEABAIT® 'LOOSE' in water or vermiculite or peat


* Average contents when packed, some weight loss will occur.

All prices include V.A.T. @ 15%

We are committed to giving our customers a consistently reliable service. We are always pleased to listen to your comments and suggestions and are available to give friendly advice at all times.

Fishing Clubs should contact us directly for discounts on bulk orders.


Please pay with your order:

By Post: To order by post simply download our order form here and post it back to us with your postal order or cheque made payable to Shoreline Polychaete Farms LLP. Please remember to include your card number, expiry date, telephone number and address on the back of your cheque. Please send cheques to Shoreline Polychaete Farms LLP, Woodhorn Village, Ashington, Northumberland, NE63 9NW, UK. Postage costs are shown on the Mail Order Form.

By Telephone: To order by phone simply call one of the friendly Seabait team on +44 (0)1670 858 108

Online Order Form: To order on line simply click on the button below and fill out our online order form. Once we have received your order form one of the team will call you back.


UK Mainland Deliveries Only.

Delivery costs as follows:
UK Mainland Carriage £12.34 Next Day Delivery £24.43 by 12 noon Next Day Delivery by express courier.

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Please leave a message if you encounter our voicemail as this means we are looking after the worms.

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